Christopher Adell is a fashion designer and founder of the brand GW Apparel by Untitled Production Team. He was born and raised in New York, graduating from The School of the Arts in 2002 were had he developed skills in visual creation, acting, and poetry.  In 2004, Christopher strayed from the traditional route and joined the Army as a multimedia illustrator. He deployed to Iraq three times in support of Iraqi Surge, Iraqi Sovereignty, and Operation Inherent Resolve. He moved to Savannah, Georgia and decided to wholeheartedly chase his dreams to start his own production company. Learning as he went, Chris began his entrepreneurial journey by picking up skills in all areas from design to marketing, photography, graphic design and subliminal advertising.


In a short time, Christopher grew Untitled Production Team into a self- sufficient go-to for many small businesses active on social media sites, as Chris uses this as his sole source of marketing. Known mostly for his over 15 years of leadership experience and community service with Untitled Production Team he developed into a guru of growing small businesses and making them more self-sufficient and effective on social media.

In 2018 GW Apparel clothing line was created with a goal to raise the consciousness of our people and empower them through visual symbolism and powerful messages. The company has seen immense success with over 100 unique designs and a rapidly growing presence on social media. 

Founder and CEO