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Graphic Design

Printing is most definitely an important part of business opertions and UPT is there to provide design services for everything from brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, manuals and catalogs, clothing graphics, and whatever else needs to be printed. Our portfolio highlights some of our most eye-catching and recognized work.

Social Media Manager

Uniting Content Intelligence with the World’s Most Powerful Social Media Management Platform. Your time is valuable. We get that. Our social media management company handles your social media so you can focus on running your business

Web Development

UPT's web development services are comprised of primarily smart online automated tools that help streamline their business processes.  We understand in that in competitive markets, an effective web development solution, logical/intuitive graphic user interface is critical to a company's overall success. UPT has made its mark by designing sites that are not only beautiful, but meet both the business and customer needs of our clients in a way that promotes business growth.

Desktop Publishing

In addition to creative design, UPT is passionate about taking care of your printing needs as well so that your finished product represents the same high-quality as our design. Whether you use; digital or offset printing; paper or plastic medium; small or large format, and/or large or small runs, tell us your requirements and we will get back to you with a competitive quote.

Branding & Logos

Often one of the most undervalued corporate assets, a strong brand identity is critical to every successful business. UPT is recognized for creating logos and related branding designs that are memorable, versatile, and the perfect fit for our clients. Let us create that all-important first impression that makes your brand impossible to ignore.

Fulfillment Services

To put it simply...we're different. Most companies make order fulfillment complex, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you sell a handful of t-shirts or a wide variety of apparel, we offer reliability, flexibility, and affordability.


7 Reason to choose UPT, to help develop your company.


Our Web Development comes with free webmaster training for up to 6 months.


Over 20 years of experience in multimedia and web technology. Free consultation with every service.


We Helped over 200 businesses start or grow their brand since 2013. 


UPT has an advantage knowledge of international business markets and sourcing at wholesale rates.


Every client is added to our business network, sharing amongst businesses in different fields.


UPT has extensive knowledge in government contract procurement.


UPT are a seasoned business tax specialist and can help with the legal establishment of your company.

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