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About Us

Untitled Production Team is a band of brothers united through our service to the country to form a company called Untitled Production Team (UPT). Established in 2013 UPT is an organization that promotes peace and harmony in many diverse communities throughout the United States and across the globe. UPT helps individuals promote themselves, their businesses, and special events.


No matter what you are, trying to create the file name will always begin with "Untitled" it is the raw undeveloped idea that people have before the idea is formed. We want to help develop that idea and create a production that far exceeds our client’s expectations. Finally, we work as a team by putting just as much effort in our client’s project as we do our own.


At UPT, we refer to our target audience as clients, not the customer. The difference is a customer is buying an already developed product from a company but a client is someone that hires a business to work for them. At UPT we work for you, offering the best quality at the best price.

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